It was around two or three years in a practice that I had my first child when my family started to grow.

And right then, I knew how important my weekends were becoming, how important my evening time with the family was becoming and I also notice a shift in my practice.

I started taking more interest in cases that the person had migraines because I know it’s not just the pain of the migraine, it’s all the stuff you miss out on.

The weekend birthdays, the family trips, the evening meal times, the bedtimes, and the storytimes.

All these moms and dads were just missing out on that experience.

And I knew being able to do that at home, how important those moments are that you just never get back.

You can never replay those things again.

And so I have a real passion for helping people that have migraines, not because it helps take away the pain.

Sure, that sucks, but it’s the stuff that you missed out on and it really hits you.

You look back over your life and the things you’re never going to be able to do again.

I’m Dr. Jason Gonzales. I’m the Clinic Director of THE SPECIFIC CHIROPRACTIC CENTERS in Chico.