Do you struggle with getting a good night’s sleep?

Do you find yourself asking, “Why do I struggle to sleep at night, every night?”

Do you ever have that sensation that your brain just will not stop thinking or like you could fall asleep and then you have to get up, use the restroom, and then you’re up at 3:30 and that’s it? Do you ever have those spots in your body that just constantly ache and hurt? Maybe if you go from laying on your left side to your right side, your head gets frozen or your hands go down.

See, the underlying reason for a lot of these problems happens to be inside your spine, not the bones themselves with the nervous system. A lot of times we find here at our office that our patients are struggling. Their brains are actually operating in what we call fight or flight mode.

It’s really hard if your brain is under the thought process that is being chased by a bear. It’s really hard for your brain to turn off. It’s hard for those thoughts to shut down, and it’s also super hard for your muscles to just relax and let you sleep. You’re feeling stressed even when you’re trying to rest.

Look at most chronic diseases throughout the entire globe – the one thing that almost all of them have in common is poor sleep.

So if you’re struggling with poor sleep, and you’ve tried everything. You don’t want to be eating a bunch of pills because you got to function the next day, come check us out.

I’m Doctor Shane Smith. I’m the owner of The Specific Chiropractic Center right here in Chico. Click the link and let’s look at the time to talk. We’ll make time to see if we can help you out. I’ll see you soon.