Just picking up a little mess as I do at home all the time.

What’s a good, natural and effective way to help kids that have fussiness or aches or pains or trouble sleeping. I’ll tell you that over-the-counter medication is not a good long-term solution for helping a child.

My name is Doctor Jason, and I want to let you know that chiropractic care might be a great solution for your child.

When it comes to chiropractic care, especially with kids, people are a little bit afraid about getting their child adjusted.

I want to let you know that adjusting a child is not the same way that we adjust them as adults, very gentle and doesn’t even happen that often.

Usually, just a few adjustments are enough to help the child begin to feel better and get over whatever was bothering them.

So when it comes to, ear aches or trouble latching if they’re breastfeeding or the growing pains and injuries that come with learning how to walk, crawl or ride a bike. Kids have spines and nervous systems and are subject to the same injuries that teenagers and adults get.

Kids might get headaches or those kinds of issues.

That’s not a good solution just to mask it with medication.

So if you’re looking for a natural, safe, and effective way to help those kinds of things, chiropractic care might be a good way to do that.

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My name is Doctor Jason and I went to The Specific Chiropractic Center here in Chico. We’d love to help kids and adults both.