We are three doctors with a very specific skill set and passion for helping those that feel they’ve lost hope when it comes to their health. Everything we do with our patients is with the goal of health restoration in mind, not just temporarily relieving a symptom.

We DON’T “crack” or “pop” necks and backs. We use the latest technology (like paraspinal thermography and digital biomechanical x-rays) to make a very specific adjustment and only when necessary, not on every visit. It’s by knowing exactly where and when to make the adjustment that helps our patients experience a type of healing they thought was impossible.

We DO expect “miracles”. (But they’re not really miracles… it’s just the right type of care!)

How did you end up on our contact list?

We’ve been helping people in the Chico area since 2006 and we’ve been slowly gathering a huge list of contacts over the years. Most of the people on our contact first introduced to us at …

  • Farmers market booths
  • Fairground booths
  • Wellness fairs
  • “Neck bone pillow” give-away
  • Facebook and Instagram posts
  • Sleep Apnea campaign

What happens now?

In addition to seeing patients at our office Monday through Saturday (yep, we are open on Saturday’s too!) we like to send out helpful emails and occasionally host an event. If you ever get tired of seeing us show up in your inbox feel free to unsubscribe. No hard feelings – we promise!