Why digital infrared thermography is important when treating chronic health problems.


When you find yourself stuck with a chronic health problem the best place to start is… well… at the beginning. Before diet, before exercise, before meditation, and before sleep comes nervous system function. Without a properly functioning nervous system all that other stuff you try won’t work as well as you hope it will.  If your nervous system isn’t working well you’ll find that all that other stuff works a little, but doesn’t completely fix the chronic health problem. That’s because the nervous system controls and coordinates the function of everything else… all the muscles, organs, glands, tissues, and sub-systems (like digestion, hormones, balance, posture, etc). You can buy super expensive organic food, but if your digestive system isn’t working properly… then you’re not going to get all the good stuff out of the food. 


Computerized digital infrared thermography (CIT for short) is a tool used by some doctors to measure your nervous system function, specifically your autonomic nervous system. This tool, used by most upper cervical chiropractors, allows the doctors to know when to treat the patient (make an adjustment) and when to step back and let the body do what only the body can do – heal and recover.


One of the most important aspects of treating a chronic health problem is timing – knowing when to provide treatment and when to step back and give the body time to heal and repair. Recurring migraines, frequent headaches, chronic neck and back pain, fibromyalgia, digestive problems, immune system issues and many other chronic health problems require time to heal. Treatments that are too frequent or done at the wrong time can stifle progress.


One of the reasons upper cervical chiropractors have the reputation for dramatically improving stubborn and chronic health problems is because they have excellent timing. They use computerized digital infrared thermography to determine when and when not to treat the patient.


Digital infrared thermography is a safe, non-invasive, and convenient diagnostic tool used to measure the current state of function of the central nervous system – specifically the autonomic nervous system. Since the body’s nervous system controls and coordinates all the other functions of the body it plays a key role in helping a person heal and recover from a chronic health problem.


Thermography is based on the precise analysis of the body’s surface temperature along the spine. Differences in temperature between opposite sides of the spine are compared to established normal values in the same way blood tests are. The significance of these temperature differences may indicate the presence of abnormal nervous system function. Abnormal nervous system function is a major roadblock to health and healing.


There is a unique relationship between the upper neck and the autonomic nervous system. Upper cervical chiropractors use thermography to analyze a patient’s nervous system and x-rays to determine if the problem is related to an issue in the upper neck, specifically atlas and axis (C1 and C2).  If a problem is found they will deliver a very precise adjustment to the upper neck in an effort to restore normal nervous system function. Following the adjustment and a short rest period, the doctor uses thermography again to ensure the adjustment was effect and the patient’s body is once again in a position to function normally. The process is repeated at subsequent visits and over time the patient experiences a dramatic improvement in their chronic health condition.

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